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Many homeowners want to upgrade their bathroom through remodeling or renovation, but there are ways to do so without spending too much. Welcome to our blog and here are 22 Super Simple Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Bathroom.

So let’s start on the subject without wasting your precious time and you can also take a look about Decorating Ideas for Your Balcony and also we have made some ideas about your small kitchen also. Coming to subject we are going to discuss today

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 #1. Add Old Wooden Crates

Not only are these wooden crates beautiful to look at, but they also give your bathroom a vintage look. Plus, they are meant to help you store stuff like extra towels and tissues so it is an easy upgrade without the need to break your wallet.

 #2. A vintage dresser can also “up” your bathrooms look.

Use it to stack extra towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom goods. With simple changes, your bathroom will never look the same.

#3. Give your bathroom the touch of a professional designer?

All you need to do is add some matching accessories that will give your bathroom fantastic coordinating accents.

 #4. Pick out the paint.

Sometimes, all you need is to pick a certain color combination to give life to your bathroom like green with some white accents.

#5. Try to deck the walls.

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house that needs a personality and functionality. Adding wallpaper will give the walls a fun look but make sure that any wallpaper you use is waterproof.

 #6. Make your toilet roll paper stand out.

Who says your toilet paper has to be that boring? Well, you can do something about it. With a variety of toilet paper holder options available, you can easily update the color and design of your holder.

 #7. Embellish a Shower Curtain Using a Macramé

Believe it or not, this one here is pretty exciting to try and this is due to the fact that a lot of Macramé projects are now trending. But despite that, they will not easily go out of fashion. To give your shower curtain a whimsical yet adorable touch, try this idea. And there is no need to exert a lot of effort doing so.

 #8. Craft a DIY Tissue Box.

There are a lot of ways to craft your own tissue box. As long as you try DIY, there is nothing that will not look acceptable. For starters, you can create one by using birch plywood. It will not take much of your time and is even easy to do.

#9. Use Cedar to Make a Bath Mat.

 A bath mat is one of the things you can add to give your bathroom a cool touch. If you are going to do it, try using cedar as a bath mat. You can also try it with bamboo. Either way, get ready to instantly make the overall space more like a spa.

#10. Hang Brackets on Shelves Upside Down.

This one is more about doing it the opposite way. Yes, that is right – you just need to hang brackets on your shelves upside down. It makes the entire design unique and the essential function of the tool or material is kept. Plus, it is a great way to start practicing your designing skills.

#11. Use scrap wood for toilet paper holder.

Just like the aforementioned, you can use some scrap wood to build yourself a toilet paper holder. Perhaps there is some unused wood lying around your home. Make use of it to build a holder. You can paint it, too, to display your creativity.

 #12. Introduce a more relaxing tub using a bathtub caddy.

 It seems adding a caddy makes any space more comfortable. This is exactly the idea behind this addition. Just stage the caddy with everything you need, from luxurious soaps to shampoo. Heck, you can even place a glass and a bottle of wine in there if you want.

 #13. Tile a Mosaic Bathroom Mirror.

Every bathroom needs a mirror. It does not have to be large but it should really look good. And if that is goal, try tiling a mosaic bathroom mirror instead. You will certainly love the end result that you will get here.

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Bathroom Mirror

#14. Hang reclaimed shelves from rope.

Instead of nailing or screwing shelves on a wall, why not use rope? You will love the bohemian and coastal feel this project gives. Enjoy the summery vibes of the beach year-round.

 #15. Design a sign for the bathroom door.

 Just because you often see this one in restaurants or stores it does not mean you cannot incorporate it in your bathroom. Just create a simple design that you think is sleek enough to give the area a great upgrade. You can also try picking up a design at your favorite local store.

#16. DIY your toiletry bottles.

Want to buy those expensive toiletry bottles? Why bother when you can DIY them? Seriously, you can build one from scratch. You can just buy amber bottles to get started. Pick out ones that seem to look high-end.

 #17. Store your toilet paper in style.

This is where you can use a really cool toilet paper bottle or something. It really depends on the kind of thing you want to use. A transparent one is much better, though. Design it in a way you want as well.

#18. Build a tray for the bathroom vanity.

Why buy expensive storage when you can go with a simple tray? Plus, you can build it on your own; hence, no need to spend huge amounts of cash. Just DIY it and add some paint to display your creativity. From there, you can store any bathroom items you want.

 #19. Embroider a shower curtain for added style.

 If you cannot find a good shower curtain with a sleek design, embroider one on your own. This is really a great idea, especially if you want to apply your embroidery skills. Just create a pattern that you think is unique.

 #20. Remind people to flush with a bathroom sign.

 It may sound funny but this one actually adds functionality. You can pick a sign from a local store or create one on your own. It could be a one-word sign that says “flush.” It is a nice way to remind people to never forget their responsibility.

 #21. Recreate a rustic farmhouse bathroom mirror.

If you want to give your bathroom another unique element, try a rustic farmhouse mirror. You can add some character by framing it using some repurposed wood. Let your creativity run here, too.

#22. Fashion a wood valance for the tub.

Just by framing a claw foot club, you are already giving some character to the overall design of your bathroom. Make sure, however, you use reclaimed wood to keep the DIY aspect of it.


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