Hypnosis Therapy

By | 24th August 2018

• What is Hypnosis? • Can I be Hypnotized? • Will You Loose Control? • Can Children be Hypnotized? • What Do Doctors Think About Hypnotherapy? • Which Therapist to Choose • How Long Will Therapy Take? • What Conditions Does Hypnosis Help? Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, usually, but not necessarily, accompanied by relaxation. In this state, heightened inner attention involving both conscious thought and processes below consciousness, makes it possible to bring about desired changes. Even without the use of suggestion, hypnosis facilitates change in old patterns of behavior and feeling. Here I will explain about Hypnosis Therapy.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Yes. Altered states of consciousness occur naturally in everyday life, and even people who do not feel they relax easy will have experienced trance-like states. Most people can therefore learn to experience formal hypnosis and self hypnosis.

Will I Loose Control?

No. One of the major functions of the subconscious mind is to protect us, and this means that some part of the mind is always aware of what is being said and done. The therapist’s role is to guide and encourage, in the best interests of the patient and not to take control.

Can Children be Hypnotized?

Children over about the age of six are excellent hypnotic subjects and can benefit considerably from hypnosis to deal with problems such as bed-wetting, asthma, eczema, school and other phobias and other behavioral difficulties. However, parents should also note that they have a legal responsibility to provide adequate medical care for their children up to the age of 16. Within the law, the term ‘medical’ is taken to mean a medically-qualified practioner.

What do Doctors Think About Hypnotherapy?

As within any profession, opinions vary. Increasingly, however, many doctors are referring patients to hypnotherapists for additional help. Some dentists will also refer patients for help in overcoming fear of dental treatment.

How Do I Know Which Therapist To Choose?

Ask somebody you trust: your GP., or a friend who has received successful hypnotherapy. If you see the letters MAPT after a hypnotherapist’s name in advertising, then they will meet APT’s stringent membership requirements

How Long Will Hypnosis Therapy Take?

Therapy sessions vary in length from therapist to therapist, but are usually around an hour. Can I claim hypnotherapy on my health insurance? Some insurance companies will cover hypnotherapy. Check your policy out and, if in doubt, contact your company.

What Conditions Will Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis can improve confidence and the ability to manage everyday life, improving concentration, creativity and performance in specific area’s. It is particularly useful for :

  1. Habit control (e.g. stopping smoking);
  2. Anxiety and Stress Management;
  3. Depression;
  4. Pain Management;
  5. Relationship and Sexual Difficulties;
  6. Phobias;
  7. Confidence;
  8. Panic Attack;
  9. Motivation;
  10. Sports Performance

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