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Network Marketing is a modality within Direct Selling and is characterized by distributing products and / or services through networks of Independent Agents or Distributor. Today we are going to discuss about benefits of Network Marketing. Aware of Network Marketing Vs Traditional Job Full Guide to know more.

The Commercial Strategy is based on the acquisition of clients directly and exclusively through the Independent Agents that make up said distribution networks, without any other intermediary between the Manufacturer of the product / service and the Final Consumer Independent Agent has a contractual agreement, ( usually a commercial contract) with the company to distribute its products, benefiting from a percentage commission on both its sales and the sales generated by the Independent Agents of its Network, in addition to different bonuses and commissions for objectives.

benefits of network marketing  why network marketing is the future network marketing scope  multi level marketing is good   strength of network marketing network marketing companies network marketing business network marketing future in tamil


A consultant creates his own business through an agreement with his company. The most normal thing is for a consultant to buy certain products in bulk for his own consumption, although this should not be a mandatory rule. Many people start in this way in the multilevel, simply in order to buy the products at a considerable discount. Over time they tend to end up joining the business.

One of the most common mistakes in those who enter the  Network Marketing is to SELL. The right thing is to create a solid network of distributors, it is what will lead you to success without the need to sell just products.

The essence of Network Marketing is the construction of a network or organization where many distribute a little each, not where a few distribute a lot. In a Multi Level company you can earn a lot of money. Depending on the company it will take more or less time. But what is undoubted is that their income is produced by the development of a great organization, not simply by selling. The consultant must have the necessary autonomy to develop his own business, which requires dedication, development and ways to expand it.

Commission income is made for specified periods of time. Normally on a monthly basis, the company enters the consultant the sum of the commissions mechanized by a computer process.

Benefits of Network Marketing:

Following are the benefits of Network Marketing:-

1: It is a demonstrated business: For many it represents an enormous risk investing in an idea that they do not know if it will work or if it will be exactly what the client is looking for. But if you choose a company that has been in the market for years and has a good reputation, it will be easier for you to decide to invest in it.

2: No limitations : You decide how high you want to go in this type of business. You can put a lot of effort and grow your sales to become a key part of the company. “We have some entrepreneurs in South Africa, Korea and the United States that have grown a lot. No matter where or culture, if someone wants their investment to be worthwhile, they must find innovative ways to sell their product, it is said by Dr. Sinnott.

3: Bet on a worldwide brand: We return to the part where if you represent a company that has credibility and a good reputation, you will surely get customers faster. In addition, you can put your business anywhere in the world and direct it from the place where you are.

4: Low investment : Many say that this model is like a franchise, since you are going to be the owner of your time, your business and you will be able to choose until the location. A benefit of multilevel is that the investment is less than that of most franchises, so if you want to try this model you can do it without investing so much money.

5: There is no boss: Although you operate under a structure, you don’t have someone behind you all the time forcing you to sell a certain amount of products. Results, earnings and success depend on you. You can have even more income than you thought if you work at a faster rate or if you spend more time than other people.

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6: No particular working time:You decide how you want to organize your day, maybe you are more productive in the morning or you prefer to attend to people in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter what you choose; It is up to you to maximize your income during that time.

7: You will become an entrepreneur: Think about it, if your dream has always been to be independent and not work for anyone with this model, you can own your time, have control over the growth you want to have and you can count on collaborators to sell more. products in various territories.

8: You will get knowledge to operate the business : Just as franchises train you to run the business, this model will recruit people who have the profile and train them to teach them everything they need to know about this type of sales and the product they recommend.

For some it is difficult to decide to enter this business model not only for not having a secure salary, but also because not everyone can work from home. Dr. Sinnot claims that he started his business from home and that after much effort he managed to turn it into a multi-million dollar company.  “What is needed is discipline and an special space that you use as an office in which you figure your eight hours like every other job, says Dr. Sinnot

With this type of business you are building something for yourself, not for the company, but it is not for everyone since it requires a lot of discipline and having a fixed schedule. However, if you make the right decisions and work with effort you will recoup your investment in no time.

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